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Up to 70% savings on children’s beds and furniture!

Children’s Cabin Beds
The pine cabin bed offers more of a traditional look to the bedroom and would obviously compliment a bedroom with an already established pine theme. There is also the durability of a pine bed compared to a bed with a plastic finish etc, as wood is a lot harder wearing than other non wood finishes. Click to see more Children’s Cabin Beds

Captain Beds.
Part of a range of Kids Beds With Storage, our Kids Captains Beds are high quality, durable & fun, even including a Childrens Bed With Slide! The captains bed is often another name used to refer to a cabin bed but has its own unique style that stands out from other beds. The design of a captains bed is loosely based on the traditional cabin bed that you would expect to see on a boat or a sea faring vessel. Click to see more Captain Beds

Midsleeper Cabin Beds
Are the ideal solution for a Child’s bedroom. Midsleeper beds allow you to maximise space, creating room for play, study and storage as well as providing somewhere to tidy toys away. Children’s beds incorporating pull-out desks are ideal for homework, and typically also provide lots of storage space. Click to see more Midsleeper Cabin Beds

Bunk Beds
Bunk Beds are really useful when needing to save space, bunk beds can be split in two and used as two seperate single bed or used as traditional bunk beds one on to of the other, kids of all ages love them. Bunk Beds are the perfect space saving bed for children who share bedrooms or just for children who like having the friends and family staying over, bunk beds are one of the most exciting types of beds a child could own and with our exciting and unique range of bunk beds you can make bed time even more of an adventure. Your children will love the Verona Wooden Bunk Bed, a traditionally styled bunk bed that can be split into two single beds.  Constructed using pine wood from sustained forests in Brazil – beautfully crafted and highly durable. A secured side ladder is provided to give easy and safe access to and from the top bunk. Save space with this wonderful bed! Click to see more Bunk Beds

To visit our online store click the link- Pine Furniture Online Store




To visit our online store click the link-> Pine Furniture Online Store